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(D)isinfecting (E)mergency (R)esponse (T)eam 
provides affordable disinfectant with superior FDA Approved technology such as Electrostatic/ULV sprayers and foggers that will disinfect, sanitize, and decontaminate areas.


We deliver to our customers hospital-level graded disinfectant that is safe for the environment. Using top of the line state of the art technology to apply and add sanitize, decontaminate, and disinfect any surfaces, objects, air(s).

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Fog is a Touchless disinfection method that produces microscopic size droplets. These particles stay floating in the air longer for better results, creating a 360-degree complete cleaning effect on all surfaces. This type of technology is often used in facilities where any microorganisms (virus, bacteria, fungi, and mold) outbreaks are suspected or confirmed. This measure of technology is used to eliminate any possible odor or contamination in corporate offices, hotels, casinos, medical healthcare facilities, schools, gyms, restaurants, and various more public areas including homes. 

Electrostatic spraying is a safe procedure for all surfaces, including electronics. After areas have been sprayed with an electrostatic sprayer, the wait time between bacteria and viruses differentiate. Whereas viruses are eliminated under two minutes, bacteria take the full two minutes to be eliminated. 

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